“You have the power of choice. You can shift challenges into opportunities and turn problems into innovative solutions.”
- Sarah Arnett

My mission is to support inspirational leaders using the power of choice to ignite change within themselves and to positively impact their family, team and/or organizations.

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Hi I'm Sarah.

Consultant & Coach
Facilitator & Photographer
Traveler & Trainer

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Do you often find yourself thinking…

• “Who can help me think through this challenging situation?”
• “How can I help my team connect and thrive in our new virtual workplace?”
• “I’m not sure how to address a specific team member’s behavior, I’ve never supervised or managed anyone like this before.”
• “As a leader with a new team, how do I create a great beginning?”
• "How do I help my team through all the changes that are coming in my organization, community, and/or world?

If you’re ready to ignite change in your life and work, you’re in the right place!

Shift your thoughts into action.

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