"I have known Sarah for over 11 years. She is an excellent leader and organizer. Sarah is brilliant, yet possesses humility and excellent emotional intelligence. Having attended training seminars which Sarah conducted, I can also say that she is an excellent presenter and facilitator who creates a learning environment that encourages meaningful participation. Sarah's coaching skills are exceptional and she has successfully coached many leaders in an industry (health care) that is undergoing massive change and restructuring. Sarah is also approachable and a genuinely caring person who is fully committed to the success of all her clients."

Tom Hazlip, Consultant

"I highly recommend Sarah's physical Storytelling work. I have had the delightful opportunity to participate in Sarah's workshops. Physical Storytelling is a marvelous tool and she is not only a gifted facilitator -- Sarah's approach is unique. She artfully encourages the expression and witnessing of feelings that are often difficult to put into words. The shared experience and healing are profound. " 

Annie Kirschenmann, Executive Coach

“Sarah has been offering leadership training sessions for about 10 years and consistently receives excellent evaluation scores. Additionally, she is a pleasure to work with - a meeting planner’s ideal client!”

Christine Prestiano, VP, CHA